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11th-Jan-2020 12:32 am - The beginning for everything ;)
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This is 90% locked journal a.k.a private journal. so please comment to be added. thanks!
If you want to know me before adding, just click here. Life is so easy nowadays lol
Oh, before that; take a look at this perfect, gorgeous, drummer prince dork otoko ♥

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As you all know (or might not know), I'm into this super new group that just debuted last year and going to release their 3rd single this end of june. They are lol (エルオーエル) from avex, a 5 members group of males and females.

Basically, this group is very new and still looking for their own style but they are focusing on edm/electro pop so of course, they will start with auto-tune approach for the singles as people are generally familiar with that concept. However, haters (mostly international fans) popped up and start comparing them with 11-year-old-AAA by saying lol copying the males & females concept etc. Okay, that is just plain stupid. In the first place, they are AAA's juniors and Avex saw how much AAA's popularity grow within 11 years so maybe they were thinking that mixed gender concept is something that people would love to see more in jpop industry.

I just don't get it why haters comparing them with AAA and hating on the group by saying they don't have good voice and this group SHOULDN'T EXISTS <--- this is too much. Each people has different opinions and likes so I won't argue with that; but if you really hate them, THEN PLEASE STOP COMMENTING ON THEIR VIDEO. Just don't watch them and go watch your oh-so-good group yada yada. lol members, the fans and staffs work so hard on this thing so don't just step on their hard work by saying this is nonsense and shouldn't exists. And then, saying other group should debut instead. OMG PLEASE, 2 of the members were the winner for avex's competition among thousands contestants okay. While the rest were trainee for more than 2 years (could be 4 to 5 tbh). So, they have all the skills and talents for entertainers; they just need to brush up for real entertainment world.

But personally, I think the haters feel threatened by lol's abilities; their concept is very cool and complex, based on upbeat and catchy tempo, great and sharp choreography, nice faces and bodies, their voice in live version is great (and better than the haters) - so the haters don't want them to gain more popularity and overcome their current fav group. I'm just so shocked to see how much people hate lol just because they use auto-tune in most of their single. Have you heard them singing live? the auto-tune is mostly on their a-side which is to catch people's attention and b-sides have some great songs WITHOUT auto-tune. Seriously.

9th-Apr-2016 11:57 pm - 012. I wish for a longer holidays
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It's Saturday here and next monday, my class will starts.

I wish for a longer holiday ;A;

I still have lots to do for classes;  doing some reading for research study, look and browse through architecture for micro-housing, sketch here and there, make points for upcoming assignments - which tbh, I failed to do all, within 2 weeks.



I'm just gonna regret everything tonight and be a new person tomorrow morning.

Okbye :D
25th-Jun-2012 10:59 pm - 007. I wish I was their fan sooner...
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I am leaving this post public because I want people to know how desperate I am lol

☆ I'd just finished Tumbling. It was awesome, super awesome and I was mesmerized with those tumbling thing. It really opened up my mind about rhythmic gymnastic sport. Doing back flips has always been my dream but... urgh.

☆ So, I accidentally stumbled upon tumblingjdrama community. I found a lot of download links and too bad; some of the links are dead. So, my search continued until I found many personal livejournals about AAA fandom. I was so excited so I download lots of scans (THEY ARE PRECIOUS AND TO FIND HQ SCANS OF AAA IS RARE OKAY unlike HSJ fandom which I can easily find HQ scans and HD videos).

☆ I am crying my heart out because most download links of AAA tv shows appearances and scans are dead or on MU (yes, by this, I mean the old ones; from 2007 until 2010 or so). So far, I've only watched their concerts dvds so I can't really understand their personalities like how are they while being interview and such.

☆ Now I wish I knew them sooner... Thank God I entered HSJ fandom earlier or these kind of thing will happen too /head-desk/. Though I did comment to poster so they could re-upload back but srsly, it will take a lot of time and effort, I don't want to burden them so much :( I guess, I need to be patient and just go on and follow their recent activities rather than digging their past videos, scans and etc. 

☆ But still :(

☆ One thing for sure, when I have extra/enough money; I will buy Nissy's 1st photobook, Nissy's 24, Uno's 1st photobook and UNO-BON because they are gorgeous. Looks like I need to divide my money for 2 fandoms. I never thought this day will come

My fault for not becoming AAA fan earlier ;A;
20th-Jun-2012 12:01 am - 005. Life and Fandom
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I think I should create this, in case anyone gets confused with who am I and where I come from. Plus, this could be a reminder to myself, if I lost one day lol

Username : Emina
Age : 23
Lives : Somewhere around Asia
Contact :

Obsessions : Nakajima Yuto, Nishijima Takahiro and Tony Tony Chopper
Fandom : Basically, everything about Japan. If I list them, there will be a never ending list.
Online hobbies : Ninja-ing, reading manga and making graphics

p/s: the gif above is not mine, made by vitaaminn :)
17th-Jan-2012 06:02 pm - 003. Photoshop Tutorial #1
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So, I was kinda free now and [ profile] ai_star requested me to make this tutorial. Urm, this is my 1st photoshop tutorial so forgive me if there's any mistake.

Title: Picture Edit (orz I just named it)
Level: Intermediate
Photoshop: CS5 (but I think it works with other version too)

How to make from this;

to this;

follow this cut )

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